How to Use Favorite Volumes in VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt

We’ve talked extensively about TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt for encrypting file containers, partitions, whole drives or your operating system. In this article, we’ll streamline your usage of those programs by using Favorite Volumes. Both programs have two favorites lists: Favorite Volumes organize a list of frequently used container files, partitions or drives that you can manually […]

How to Disable Hibernation in Windows

Hibernation is a power- and battery-saving mode that preserves your current Windows environment. Unlike powering down, when you resume from hibernation, whatever you were working on is again open and running. That includes opened documents, videos, music files and running programs. In that way, Hibernation and Sleep are very similar, but there’s a big difference. […]

How to Highlight an Entire Row Based on Date in Excel

In the past couple of articles, we discussed using Excel’s Conditional Formatting to quickly format dates relative to the current date and using formulas for more control over highlighting dates. Those are immensely useful, but the formatting effect is limited to the date cell itself. In this article, I’d like to go a step further […]

How to Highlight Specific Ranges of Dates in Excel

Last week, we discussed using Excel’s Conditional Formatting feature with its A Date Occurring preformats to highlight individual dates relative to the current date. That works great to dynamically apply formatting to, for example, dates occurring next week or month, but it doesn’t give you ultimate control. In this article, we’ll explore formatting more specific […]

How to Use Excel’s Conditional Formatting for Dates

Excel’s Conditional Formatting offers a wealth of features to highlight or format cells that conform to your specifications, often without needing to write formulas. You can use this powerful tool to locate a specific date or a range of dates. Even more impressively, you can do so dynamically, such that different dates are highlighted based […]