About Us

HowAgain.com is committed to providing meaningful, accurate, thorough and hopefully insightful information on a variety of topics without unnecessary fluff. We endeavor to help our readers with common problems and/or explore real-world questions.


Who We Are

The “we” is really myself as the writer and the site itself as the medium through which I reach readers. I don’t rule out the possibility of guest writers from time to time, but for the most part, the words on this site are mine alone.

I have a rather varied pool of interests and experience. By schooling, I’m a scientist with degrees in physics, biology, wildlife biology and statistics. By interest, I’m a martial artist, fitness enthusiast and numbers cruncher. By career, I’m a self-taught computer geek and writer, which helped fund my education. By drive, I’m a voracious absorber of knowledge wherever I can find it; I just love to know “why” and explore possibilities. I draw upon this experience and my desire to learn to continuously provide varied topics of interest.

HowAgain.com Name

When I first decided on the name, I thought of all the times I’ve heard someone exclaim, “How again?” after receiving not-so-clear instructions. So with this blog, I endeavor to take those complicated issues and present them in a more easily understood manner, while still retaining the comprehensiveness of the solution. In effect, I’m stepping in to answer that resounding question to ensure the topic is understood.

But there’s a second meaning as well. I spent the years since 2009 writing how-to type articles and manuals for other businesses, including Samsung, Motley Fool, Radio Shack, eHow, Salon, Chron, Synonym, Opposing Views, AZ Central, Zacks, Global Post, Live Strong, Bright Hub and numerous other sites and offline publications. At some point, I tired of catering my writing style to increasingly regimented rules and guidelines and having well-intentioned editors inject their own styles or opinions into my writing. So, HowAgain.com is a revisit of how-to writing, but the way I want it to be without having to adjust to other sites’ required voices, rules or even censorship. I still write for others, enjoy doing so and appreciate the input from those editors, but HowAgain.com is my baby to do with as I please; there’s something liberating about that.


The content of the site is inspired by numerous sources. Sometimes, it’s simply an issue I’ve run across, figured out and thought others might benefit from my efforts. Other times, a reader, friend or family member encounters a problem and contacts me for a solution, so I figure if one person has the problem, others probably do too. Sometimes, there’s something random that I find either interesting or exasperating and just want to put it out there. In any case, I endeavor to put out unique and inspired articles that will help and/or enrich my readers.

Photos & Illustrations

As a writer, wannabe photographer and long-ago artist, I respect copyrights and never use photos or illustrations I have no rights to use. In most cases, the images displayed in articles are screenshots I personally took to illustrate a procedure. In some cases, I might take my own real-world photographs to spruce up an article. In other cases, I might use royalty-free and/or public-domain photos that offer rights for publication. If, however, you question the source of a photo and believe it to be copyrighted, feel free to contact me,and I’ll verify the source of the image to ensure compliancy and/or remove the photo in question.


In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful in your endeavors. Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, constructive criticism or a simple pat on the back; they’ll all be appreciated. Thanks again for visiting; I hope you come back often!