Why Net Neutrality Matters

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai won a victory with the recent failure to overturn the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which essentially reclassifies broadband Internet access as an informational service governed by the FTC, rather than a telecommunications service governed by the FCC. And really, if you asked me to check a single box to classify the […]

How Bitcoin Works: An Overview

With all the hype surrounding Bitcoin and the blockchain technology, it’s clear that most people don’t understand how Bitcoin actually works. So I wanted to take this opportunity to explain Bitcoin and the blockchain in general. This initial article will serve as a broad overview of Bitcoin that will eventually lead to more and more […]

How Password Sharing Could Land You in Jail

How many times have you knowingly shared your account password with another person? Or just as importantly, how many times have you accessed someone else’s account with their permission? Before answering, consider these possibilities: You give a friend access to your video streaming account; You have a multi-connection VPN account, so you offer your friends […]

How to Apply Page Borders in Microsoft Word 2016

Page Borders adds creative flair to your documents, which is great for flyers, presentations or just plain fun. We already discussed how to apply word and paragraph borders, so this article might seem familiar. It follows the same interface as paragraph borders, except for a few application options. Page Borders 1. Place your cursor somewhere […]

How to Shut Down Windows on a Timer

Most users probably don’t schedule their shutdowns; they either shut down immediately or leave the computer on. However, there are times when specifying a future shutdown is handy. For examples: You want to shut down your computer after allowing time for some process or download to complete first. Although many programs offer that option, most […]

How to Disable Sleep Mode in Windows

Window’s Sleep mode places the computer in a power-saving state from which you can quickly resume work. Resuming is faster than the previously discussed Hibernation mode, but it generally uses more power, because RAM must continually receive energy to maintain data.  There’s actually several tiers of sleep or sleep-like modes, as described by Khanse of […]